Because we’re just a little bit crazy (and we love the mountains).

Let’s face it. Anyone who knows us understands that we moved to Colorado to ski. It just made sense to take advantage of the gorgeous Colorado scenery and get married while doing an activity that we simply love to do together and with friends.


  1. Dear Jennifer and Kevin:

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Sounds very extraordinary.

    I have several questions:

    1. Where are Bob, Sue and Mary staying? We want to stay in the same hotel

    2. Is the reception indoors or outdoors? If it is a mass reception for all getting married is there anything else planned by just you and Kevin?

    3. What time is the reception anticipated to begin? What is the attire?

    4. Are you having any pre- or post-celebrations?

    5. Emily will be on crutches, will she be able to maneuver in the environment?

    6. What days are Bob, Sue and Mary planning to arrive?

    I think those are about all the questions we have for now. Please send more details.

    Patty and Ted

    • Hey Aunt Patty & Uncle Ted!

      Thank you, thank you for the congrats!

      Answers to some of your questions (which will also be updated in the FAQ):

      2. The reception immediately following the ceremony will be outdoors, so dress appropriately (February in Loveland – 30s Fahrenheit)
      3. The ceremony and reception are outdoors; yes, it’s a mass ceremony but there will be a 2nd reception in the evening
      – The mass reception will begin around 1:30 PM. Yeah, it’s outside so …Attire… casual! Ski clothes if you plan on skiing or multiple layers
      – The evening reception/post-celebration will be indoors and we’re working out the details now. More to come!
      – Crutches will be a challenge at the ceremony and the outdoor reception (it’s at the base of the ski area).
      – However, the evening reception is definitely crutches friendly!

      We’ll get back to you on the “family” points later on.


      • Kevin:

        Thanks for the info. We will wait for the information about when Bob, Sue and Mary are arriving, where they will be staying and where the evening reception will be.


        Aunt Patty

  2. One more question: The base reception, does it require one to ski to depart from it and return to your car???


    Aunt Patty

    • Hi Patty!

      The base area reception is easily accessible to non-skiers (though I do think it might be a little difficult on crutches, because there would be some walking in snow involved. The only part that non-skiers would not be able to attend is the group ceremony at the top of the chairlift at noon.

      • Kevin and Jennifer:

        Have you have finalized your plans for the wedding reception? We are looking to make plane reservations. Also, any information on where Bob, Sue and your mom are staying and the dates they are arriving and departing?

        Are there any other activities planned before or after the wedding?

        Hope you are enjoying all the fun and details connected with planning a wedding.

        Aunt Patty and Uncle Ted

        • Don’t forget that Emily will want to stay with the group in the same lodging facility.

          Patty & Ted

  3. Check out our latest blog post with more info: http://jenniferandkevin.org/new-info/

  4. Jen and Kevin…I’m getting my ski legs in working order and suggesting that the 11 (who”s counting at this point) family members, I’m bringing along, purchase those prothetic ones (with a “dial-in ability of your choice”). I’m going to send this blog to family to write comments and such…we do have some aspiring “Hemingways” or “Steve Martins” amongst us. I know a tear of happiness will freeze in the corner of my eye when I first glimpse you in your Wedding togs…wear the veil proudly and slolom-ly…”For Many Are Cold But Few are Frozen”.

    I love you both–maybe,you, Jennifer, a little more…But you, Kevin, are one of the kindness, generous people I have met. Jennifer is very lucky.

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